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PhD studentship on nano-optomechanics

The Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics group at the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands, has an open PhD student position in the field of nano-optomechanics.

Goal and background

This project aims at answering this seemingly simple question: How does an atom emit radiation when its environment is moving? Optomechanics investigates the coupling between mechanical motion and optical fields and offers very exciting perspectives both for fundamental physics and for applications. Indeed, the strong optical confinement in nanophotonic cavities makes them extremely sensitive to mechanical displacements. On the one hand, this can be used to measure motion on the subatomic (picometer/femtometer) scale, on the other hand it allows controlling mechanical motion with light, down to the single-photon, single-phonon level. This projects aims at opening a new avenue in optomechanics, by exploring the process of light generation in nano-optomechanical systems. We will investigate the spontaneous and stimulated emission of semiconductor nanostructures (quantum dots) in photonic crystal cavities where the cavity mode is coupled to mechanical displacement. This will lead to the demonstration of tri-partite quantum systems where charge excitations, phonons and photons are mutually coupled, and of nanolasers featuring unconventional dynamical properties.

Project description

The selected candidate will perform fundamental research at the interface between nanophotonics, quantum optics and optomechanics. He/she will conceive solid-state nanophotonic structures based on photonic crystals with embedded semiconductor quantum dots and will use them to experimentally investigate the radiative emission of the quantum dots in the presence of a mechanically-oscillating optical cavity. Specific goals include the mechanical control of spontaneous and stimulated emission rates of quantum dots – crucial for quantum information processing – and the investigation of the novel dynamics expected in nanolasers where the cavity field is coupled to mechanical motion, such that it can be potentially turned into a laser emitting phonons as well as photons. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with the "Photonic forces" group at AMOLF (Amsterdam), and co-supervised by Prof. A. Fiore (TU/e) and Dr. Ewold Verhagen (AMOLF).


We welcome applications from candidates with a Master degree in physics with top marks and with a background and interest in optics or photonics. Candidates must prove a strong attitude towards experimental physics and the drive and capacity to tackle different aspects of a complex problem with large independence.


Please apply through this link:

Candidates are urged to apply as soon as possible, as selection will start immediately.

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