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Postdoctoral Researcher Position: Charge Transport in N-type Organic Semiconductors

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We seek an exceptional and motivated postdoctoral researcher to join our doping sub-team in Prof. Derya Baran's group (OMEGALAB) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology to explore N-type doping of organic semiconductors. The candidate will use state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization techniques to explore host-dopant interactions and their effect in charge transport mechanisms N-type semiconducting polymers that lead to high performance organic electronic devices. The candidate will also contribute to sub-team goals and deliverables. The project requires a multidisciplinary understanding of semiconductor physics, organic chemistry, and material science. It involves collaboration with multiple international partners allowing the candidate to expand their expertise as a visiting researcher in the partner labs. Writing and publishing articles and grant applications, presenting at academic conferences, and other activities related to the core research areas are expected as an outcome of the research. The selected candidate will benefit from a tax-free salary, free housing, annual vacations, and other KAUST benefits.


OMEGALAB (Organic/hybrid Materials for Energy Applications Lab is  a Materials Science and Engineering research group based at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.  KAUST is a graduate university with a diverse community on the shores of the Red Sea. The lab is located in a 3000 m2 lab space area in KAUST Solar Center.

Prof. Baran’s research group OMEGALAB focuses on engineering smart materials for energy harvesting devices such as solar cells and thermoelectrics. Specifically, our research interest focuses in the area of solution-processable organic/hybrid soft materials for electronic devices. Such soft semiconductor materials possess a viable platform for printed, large area, stretchable and wearable electronics that can be used as solar cells, smart windows, OFETs, thermoelectrics, sensors, and bio-electronics.

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About KAUST:

KAUST is a world-class international graduate-level science and technology research university located on the shores of the Red Sea​ in Saudi Arabia. The University's award-winning campus has everything you need to live, work, study and play. It is home to world-class faculty, scientists, engineers and students from around the globe, the campus's 10 research centers focus on finding solutions to problems in areas related to water, food, energy and the environment. Students and staff have the opportunity to access to state-of-the-art labs.

KAUST was ranked among the top elite universities based on research performance and innovation outputs (e.g., in the SCImago Institutions Rankings, KAUST ranked 1st among Arab countries, and 24th out of 309 enlisted world-wide elite universities). KAUST has an award-winning campus to live, work, study and play that is designed to inspire and motivate students, employees and their families to maintain an active lifestyle. The community members enjoy elementary and secondary schools, health clinic, on-demand as well as scheduled transportations, thematic community clubs, as well as several fitness and outdoor sports installations including sea-faring sports. On the cultural and leisure side, KAUST fosters the arts with a performance theater for concerts and plays as well as a movie theater, besides numerous dining options and the Red Sea just steps away.

The candidates are expected to have: a strong motivation to identify and solve scientific problems in an interdisciplinary collaborative research environment, excellent problem-solving skills, good interpersonal skills, high-level written and oral communication skills with the ability to represent the research team at national and international conferences, and a record of publications in quality, peer-reviewed journals and conferences. We consider as an added advantage proven track record in research project definition and management, team leading, research collaboration with industrial partners, experience in supporting PhD candidates in their research.

The call is open to all applicants from any nationality. International applications are strongly encouraged. Fluent written and verbal communication skills in English are mandatory. We require commitment, team working, and a critical mind. Successful candidates will be given excellent conditions for the development of their research skills, in terms of working conditions, mentoring, and laboratory facilities.

Position Requirements:

  • Successful completion of a PhD degree (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry or material science with a focus on organic-hybrid semiconductors and doping related areas.
  • Proven experience with solution processed semiconductors, transistors, OECTs or thermoelectrics.
  • Experience in opto-electronic characterizations and related device physics.
  • High proficiency in research design, planning, project management and execution and proof.
  • Experience in team working and able to communicate key results with team members and willing to work as part of a team and proof.
  • Ability to lead and conduct research and guide junior PhD students. Freedom to contribute with your ideas and collaborate with other senior researchers and professors.

You will be required to complete and upload all of the following materials:

  • Single page cover letter including a description of your research experience and interests.
  • Copies of up to three papers substantiating your background and experience in these topics.
  • CV including full list of publications.
  • Contact information for 3 referees.

Should your application get shortlisted, a zoom interview will be arranged.

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Postdoctoral Researcher Position: Charge Transport in N-type Organic Semiconductors
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal, Saudi-Arabië
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