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1-2 Associate Senior Lecturers in Management Accounting

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Ref PAR 2022/1315

The University of Gothenburg tackles society’s challenges with diverse knowledge. 56 000 students and 6 600 employees make the university a large and inspiring place to work and study. Strong research and attractive study programmes attract scientists and students from around the world. With new knowledge and new perspectives, the University contributes to a better future.

With its more than 3 700 full-time students, 470 employees, 160 international partner universities and four departments, the School of Business, Economics and Law has unique breadth. The School of Business, Economics and Law is “triple-crown” accredited - EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

The Department of Business Administration is the largest department at the School of Business, Economics and Law, and conducts extensive research and is responsible for education programmes at first-cycle and second-cycle levels, as well as third-cycle education in the subject areas of Business Administration and Economic Geography. The Department has more than 140 employees and is divided into four sections: Industrial and Financial Management & Logistics (IFEL), Management & Organisation (including Economic Geography), Marketing, and Accounting. The Department also has an administrative and technical unit.

The Accounting section is now looking for 1-2 Associate senior lecturers in Management Accounting. Associate senior lecturer is a career-development position created to provide primarily newly qualified PhDs the opportunity of a career path towards permanent employment as a senior lecturer.

Research at the section is internationally oriented. The faculty collaborates with scholars at many international universities and business schools in joint research projects. The research findings of the section have been published in a range of leading international research journals, such as Accounting, Organizations and Society; Management Accounting Research; the British Accounting Review; Accounting and Business Research. The section's research in management accounting includes topics such as the design and use of management accounting and control systems (MACS) for operational and strategic purposes in and between both private and public sector organizations, the role of MACS in complex inter-organizational relationships, management accounting for sustainability, and MACS and digitalization.

Subject area

Business Administration specializing in Management Accounting

Subject description

The associate senior lecturer/s is/are expected to conduct research in management accounting with a focus on integrating biodiversity considerations into financial decision-making and teach in the department’s management accounting courses.

Job assignments

The position as associate senior lecturer comprises maximum 50% teaching and minimum 50% research.

The associate senior lecturer/s is/are expected to conduct research within the research program Pathways towards an efficient alignment of the financial system with the need of biodiversity (BIOPATH) financed by Mistra (The Swedish Foundation for Environmental Strategic Research). Specifically, and as indicated above, the research should focus on management accounting with a focus on integrating biodiversity considerations into financial decision-making. This involves improving existing financial decision-making processes in industry and the financial system and developing innovative approaches to leveraging the transformative power of the financial system for the benefit of biodiversity. The research is expected to be published in high-quality international research journals.

The position/s involves teaching in management accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including supervision of students’ thesis work. The responsibilities may also include course management, course development, course examination, and involvement in pedagogical development work. Teaching is conducted in English. Oral and written knowledge of English is therefore vital for managing the teaching responsibilities of the position successfully.

Towards the end of the four-year employment, the associate senior lecturer/s is/are expected to actively apply for external funding for future research projects.


Eligibility for appointment as associate senior lecturer is specified in the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4 Section 4a, Appointments Procedure for Teachers at the University of Gothenburg Ref. V 2022/2359, and Appointment Regulations for Teaching Staff at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg Ref. V 2022/2410.

To be eligible for appointment as associate senior lecturer, at the time of application the candidate must hold a doctoral degree, or possess equivalent research qualifications, in the area of management accounting. Preference should be given to candidates who were awarded their doctoral degree or achieved equivalent competence no more than five years prior to the application deadline for this appointment as associate senior lecturer. Those who have completed their doctoral degree or achieved equivalent competence prior to five years before the application deadline may also be eligible where special grounds exist, i.e., sick leave, parental leave, or similar circumstances.


According to the Appointment Regulations for Teaching Staff at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Ref. V 2022/2410, the applicant/s shall be selected for the position who, based on an overall assessment of competence and potential for development, is/are judged to have the best qualities for performing the duties included in the appointment. In the assessment, particular focus shall be on proven scientific skills and potential for further high-quality research activities during the timespan of the position. Proven pedagogical skills are also merit, as well as an ability to conduct relevant teaching activities during the timespan of the position/s.

A requirement for the position is:

  • Fluency in English and the ability to teach in English.

In addition, the following shall be considered as especially important aspects of the evaluation of applicants:

  • Documented research experience with a focus on sustainability issues, especially articles published in international research journals
  • Successful applications for research funding
  • Documented pedagogical experience related to, for example, teaching, course management, course development, course examination, and teaching administration

The applicant’s/s ability to cooperate internally and externally to perform the described tasks, as well as his/her general suitability, will also be taken into account in the assessment of applicants.

The appointment

In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen SFS 1993:100) Chapter 4 Section 12a and 12b, an associate senior lecturer may be employed for a period of minimum four years, and at most six years, where the purpose of the appointment is to enable the lecturer to develop research autonomy and acquire the research and teaching qualifications necessary to fulfil the requirements for another more qualified teacher appointment (such as, senior lecturer).

This/These position/s is a/are fixed term employment/s of four years, 100% full time. The appointment/s may be extended if, due to sick leave, parental leave or other special grounds, additional time is needed to achieve the purpose of the appointment. Starting date by agreement.


For promotion to Senior lecturer, an application for promotion must be submitted to the Department no later than six months before the expiration of the fixed term employment as Associate senior lecturer.

According to the Department Regulations at the School Of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg GU 2021/3372, promotion to and employment as senior lecturer, shall be granted if external evaluators deem the candidate scientifically and pedagogically eligible for promotion, or is close to achieving this (within a year of termination of the appointment as associate senior lecturer), to associate professor (in Swedish: ‘docent’), and is suitable for such an appointment (Appointment to Associate Professor at the Department of Business Administration: Guidelines for Candidates and Internal Evaluators as per 2017/382).


Viktor Elliott, PhD, Senior lecturer and Academic leader within BIOPATH

Marita Blomkvist, PhD, Senior lecturer, and Head of the Accounting section

Information regarding the university & BIOPATH

University of Gothenburg

The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg

The Department of Business Administration at the School of Business, Economics and Law

The Accounting Section at the Department of Business Administration


Union representatives

To contact union representatives at the University of Gothenburg:


Apply for this appointment using the University of Gothenburg recruitment portal by clicking "Apply" below. Reference number PAR 2022/1315. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is complete and in accordance with the requirements stated in the advertisement and that the University receives your application no later than midnight Swedish time on the closing date for applications. We encourage applications in English since they may be reviewed by international experts with English as their working language.

Closing date of application

Closing date of application is 22nd December 2022.

Content of the application

The application must include:

  • Curriculum Vitae, including copies of degree certificates, grade transcripts or other certificates
  • Letter of intent (up to three pages) in which the applicant describes how he/she intends to perform the tasks if hired for the position
  • An account of scholarly/research qualifications, including a description of prior scholarly/research activities and contributions, etc., of maximum two pages.
  • PhD thesis and up to four additional scholarly works
  • An account of teaching qualifications, including teacher training and a description of prior teaching assignments and a reflection, of maximum two pages. Qualitative assessments, course evaluations or equivalent documentation should be attached under ‘Attachments’.
  • A brief account of achievements in management, collaboration, and administration
  • References, at least two, including name, title, their current higher education institution and contact details.

All merits should be documented, and all certificates attested. All attachments are to be named in a way that clearly indicates their content. Publications that cannot be attached in electronic format may be sent to:

Department of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg, PO-Box 610, S-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden, attention: "PAR 2022/1315”. 

Information about the process

The recruitment process will include expert assessments, interviews, references and possibly trial lectures.

The University works actively to achieve a working environment with equal conditions, and values the qualities that diversity brings to its operations.

Salaries are set individually at the University.

In accordance with the National Archives of Sweden’s regulations, the University must archive application documents for two years after the appointment is filled. If you request that your documents are returned, they will be returned to you once the two years have passed. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

In connection to this recruitment, we have already decided which recruitment channels we should use. We therefore decline further contact with vendors, recruitment and staffing companies.

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1-2 Associate Senior Lecturers in Management Accounting
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