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IPT – Institute for Technological Research, a public research institute linked to the Secretariat for Economic Development of the State of São Paulo, has been contributing actively during 123 years to the country’s development for over a century.

IPT is one of Brazil’s largest research institutes, with state-of-the-art laboratories and a highly qualified team of researchers and technicians working basically in four major areas:



Technological services and metrological support,

Information and education in technology.

Heedful of the needs of the public and private sectors, IPT provides solutions and technological services aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies and promoting quality of life. 

Its eight business units, act multidisciplinarily in a broad range of fields, encompassing segments such as energy, transportation, oil and gas, environment, civil engineering, cities, health and safety.

IPT is also a national reference in the area of calibration, with many laboratories certified by Cgcre/Inmetro - the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality.

The year 2020 started with the operations of the IPT Open Experience – kickoff of the International Center for Technology and Innovation, focused on the development and application of high-intensity technologies (hardtech). The IPT Open is the first action by the São Paulo government to create a true Brazilian “Silicon Valley” in the capital of the São Paulo state.

Modern, highly integrated, attuned to the opportunities and demands of technological development and prepared to be a qualified link among universities, research centers and the business sector, IPT maintains its collaborative role in the country’s development.

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