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At Radboud University, we proudly stand among the leading academic institutions of the Netherlands. Our world-renowned research facilities and institutes and vibrant, green campus foster an open, human-centred atmosphere. Here, you will find the perfect environment to make a significant impact through your research and education.
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Scientific Staff
Scientific Staff
Impact through research and education

What does good research and education mean to you? For us, this means discovering, collaborating, digging, and inspiring. You can judge us by our high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes or our world-renowned research facilities such as the Donders Institute, HFML-FELIX or the Max Planck Institute. But why not simply evaluate us by our science? By the knowledge we acquire through interdisciplinary collaboration and the impact this has on humans and the world.

Will you also help make a difference? Contribute to the climate, brain research or cracking unbreakable systems.

Discover how we contribute to science and society on Radboud Recharge.

You have a part to play

A world from which we demand more and more requires people who can make a contribution. Critical thinkers who will take a closer look at what is actually important. People who wish to work with their colleagues and experts from other disciplines in an open and safe environment where creativity and initiative are valued. Our modern, sustainable campus is compact, and our work environment is informal. This means your colleagues are all within easy reach, literally and figuratively. And our facilities offer you the scope to put your ideas to the test and push your boundaries.


‘At Radboud University, it’s easy to collaborate with other research groups and faculties.’

‘Strong collegiality is one of the unique characteristics of Radboud University. There is a safe, friendly atmosphere. It’s easy to collaborate with colleagues from other research groups and faculties, and I have never seen any kind of competitiveness between my co-workers. The university still has some way to go when it comes to diversity, whether we’re talking about gender, culture or ethnicity. At the same time, I’m glad to see that a great deal of attention is being paid to this issue. This is evident in such practices as mentorship, which is something from which I’ve also benefited during my academic career. Spending time with an experienced academic so that you can brainstorm and bring each other up to speed on things can be quite helpful. Now that I’m a professor myself, I’ve also taken on the role of mentor. This has allowed me to help budding academics to feel just as at home at Radboud University as I do.’

Laura van Niftrik, Professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Science


A PhD at Radboud University

Every year, we welcome around 350 researchers for their PhD. Combining various scientific disciplines allows you to delve into interdisciplinary research on the complex issues of today and tomorrow. Radboud University’s PhD policy classifies you as a regular staff member. Therefore, you receive a competitive salary and qualify for all our attractive employment conditions, such as 41 days of annual leave. We will also guide you in becoming a skilled academic equipped for a wide range of professions and ensure you receive support and supervision of the highest quality. Your contract will include a training and supervision plan, so you can develop your academic and personal skills. Apply for our PhD positions via https://www.ru.nl/working-at/phd

Our campus

Our campus contributes to personalised education and interdisciplinary research. The diverse environment invites you to collaborate, socialise, and work in a way that suits your needs. There is plenty of green space, perfect for a walk or for finding a quiet place to relax. In addition, you can practice sports at our very own sports centre, but also take a breather in the many eateries and cafes. Or enjoy music and theatre performances, events, and lectures in our professional theatre hall C.

Sustainability plays an important role in the future of the campus. To facilitate this, a green and healthy university environment with a strong focus on biodiversity is key. Our newest university building even is energy-neutral This way, we make a positive impact on the climate.

Nijmegen: Old city, young vibe

Despite being the oldest city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen remains young at heart. The city is known for its cultural events and festivals like the Walk of the World, music venues and arthouse cinemas. It is ever vibrant, both during the day and at night. You can wander the large city parks and winding streets with historic buildings without getting bored. Perhaps you would rather walk along the Waal River or cycle across it. You may want to head to the city beaches, the many forests and nature reserves, or Germany. You can also take advantage of the favourable location of Nijmegen. Major European cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris are just a train ride away, and you are well-connected to the rest of Europe.


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