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DIIS is an independent public research institution for international studies. We conduct and communicate multidisciplinary research and we aim to be agenda-setting in research, policy and public debate.

DIIS researches foreign, security and development policy. The institute carries out basic research, policy analysis and commissioned research.

DIIS features high in the international rankings of the world’s leading research institutes and think tanks, and the Institute publishes its research in both recognised academic journals and popular science formats.


DIIS provides independent research, always striving to excel in academic scholarship. The Institute follows the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, ensuring the highest academic quality.

DIIS researchers are always free to choose their own methodology and theory, and the conclusions from the research are independent. When DIIS carries out commissioned work, the topics may be specified, but never the findings.

Knowledge to benefit society

DIIS researchers analyse and comment regularly on current events in the media, and disseminate knowledge that can provide politicians, decision-makers and the general public with new perspectives.


DIIS Strategy 2020-2024 (pdf)

We contribute to the education of researchers both at home and in developing countries and we employ a number of practitioners from relevant ministries for limited periods of time. These practitioners contribute to our understanding of how our work is used outside academic circles, and this strengthens our ability to bridge the gap between theoretical and applied research. As part of our work as researchers at DIIS we carry out policy-relevant and policy-oriented research within our disciplines.

DIIS organises several hundred seminars, webinars, conferences and lectures every year. Anything from academic lectures to workshops for practitioners or briefings for officials and politicians.

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