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The Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) is a distinguished Latin American academic institution with more than 60 years of experience educating professionals who are highly competitive at both the national and international levels.

UACh is among the top five universities nationwide, and it is a pioneer in delivering knowledge and culture in harmony with the environment, drawing from the unique natural surroundings of the 4 cities of Chilean Patagonia where its campuses are located: Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt, and Coyhaique.

The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, which are underpinned by high-level research and development in the following areas: natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical sciences and human health, agriculture and forest sciences, and social sciences and humanities.

Outside of academic spaces, knowledge is also generated in the many natural laboratories that dot the surroundings, including rivers, lakes, the Pacific Ocean, and the Andes Mountains. The latter are studded by the volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire and shaded by temperate rain forests that represent the planet’s last remaining “cold jungle.” Within this privileged natural context, it is the open mission of UACh to act as a guardian for environmental protection.

All of the endeavors of the Universidad Austral de Chile are carried out against a backdrop of diverse and dynamic cultural activity that energizes our cities and surroundings. We are proud to be home to a musical conservatory, a cinema club and university theater, various museums, a chamber orchestra, and a prestigious international film festival.

UACh has intimate ties to the nearby regions and territories and beyond, and from local links to global outreach, and it has continually preserved and lived up to its founding mission, expressed simply by the enduring motto Knowledge and Nature.

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