FPGA Development Engineer

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Design & develop FPGA applications in a multi-disciplinary team

What you will do

We are looking for an embedded firmware design engineer with excellent technical skills in the field of FPGA design and validation. You will work on a variety of different projects in the domain of scientific research applications in close cooperation with different research groups. 

In this job, your main activities will be:

  • Analysis of new project requirements and definition of system implementation specifications.
  • Design & develop FPGA applications.
  • Design of Data (pre)processing applications.
  • Design and implementation of high bandwidth read-out systems.
  • Test & Verification in a lab environment.
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary team of electronics design engineers and researchers.

What we do for you

We offer you the opportunity to join one of the world’s premier research centers in nanotechnology at its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. With your talent, passion and expertise, you’ll become part of a team that makes the impossible possible. Together, we shape the technology that will determine the society of tomorrow.

We are committed to being an inclusive employer and proud of our open, multicultural, and informal working environment with ample possibilities to take initiative and show responsibility. We commit to supporting and guiding you in this process; not only with words but also with tangible actions. Through, 'our corporate university', we actively invest in your development to further your technical and personal growth. 

We are aware that your valuable contribution makes imec a top player in its field. Your energy and commitment are therefore appreciated by means of a market appropriate salary with many fringe benefits. 

Who you are

You have a master’s degree in electronics engineering with relevant experience in FPGA design and validation in industrial applications. You are a highly motivated, communicative, and hands-on person with an affinity for firmware designs on complex FPGA based hardware platforms.

You will be working interactively with colleagues where you are expert in your domain using multiple design techniques and tooling. Following domains require good to excellent knowledge and hands-on practical experience:

Design techniques

  • Digital, VLSI & Hierarchical design techniques
  • VHDL coding language for embedded firmware development (Excellent)
  • Coding techniques in standard & high-speed digital applications: Clock Domain Crossing, Finite State Machine, Pipelining, FIFO parallelization
  • Knowledge of different types of interfaces is an asset.
  • Multichannel ADC, DAC, SPI, I2C, UART, AXI (Excellent)
  • High speed interfaces: PCIe, USB-3, Gigabit ethernet, SerDes, (LVDS), MGT
  • Knowledge of usage of memory devices (BlockRAM, DRAM, DDR3, Flash) is an asset
  • Behavioural and Timing simulation


  • Tcl/TK scripting in an EDA environment
  • FPGA development environments for Xilinx Zynq7000, Artix and Lattice Crosslink FPGA brands
  • Simulation environment: Vivado or Modelsim
  • Embedded Linux environment (Petalinux or similar)
  • Python programming language using a PYNQ notebook for automation & Test scripting
  • Verification using virtual probes (ILA) and/or laboratory test equipment like MSO, LSA from vendors as Keysight, Lecroy, Salae, Tektronix
  • Altium Designer basic knowledge
  • GIT repository

Working Environment

  • Research or development environment.
  • Professional interdisciplinary team with an open communication culture.
  • Being a team player is a must.
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Excellent communication skills are a must.

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FPGA Development Engineer
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